Statement of Purpose

Our Philosophy

At Clayfield we:

Believe that aging is not a pathological condition and that continued exercise, mental stimulation and social interaction with the emphasis on 'use it or lose it' will help retain abilities, a positive outlook and a good quality of life.

Believe that all should be allowed the dignity of making their own decisions and solving their own problems with as much support as they request, occasionally we will expect to act as the residents advocate.

Will encourage and assist our residents to maintain and initiate contact in the community outside of the home. Within the home we believe that the resident should have as little or as much social contact as they prefer.

Believe that all treatment and care should be provided in a non-judgemental way with no discrimination by race, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or social background.

Value the opinion of all who use our service and acknowledge our responsibility to keep them aware of the complaints procedure and recognise their right to use it.

Believe that all should have choice in the planning of their day and be consulted regarding any proposed changes within the home.

Believe that all should have their privacy respected and respect the privacy of others and that everyone within the home should respect the importance, safety and individuality of everyone's personal possessions.

Believe that it is right and proper that all personal information is treated in the strictest confidence and shared only with those who need to know.

Recognise that all have the right to express and meet their spiritual needs and worship according to their faith (or lack of it).

Believe that those in our care must be agreeable to any care procedure or treatment (with no form of trickery or collusion being used to achieve desired care outcomes)
And that the person delivering the care should be competent to do so.

Believe that the concept of 'the rights of the individual” carries the responsibility to refrain from aggression and prejudice towards others.

Recognise the importance of being free from pain, discomfort and fear.

Appreciate the risk to staff and residents when performing manual handling and the importance of adhering to our 'no lifting' policy.

Maintain a zero tolerance policy towards any type of abuse.

The Range of Needs We Can Meet

The home is registered for sixteen older adults (over 65 years) who may also have dementia or mental health problems. Our family-like environment and “home from Home” atmosphere is ideal for those who may have some memory problems. Clear signage is in place to promote and aid independence. Care is provided on a permanent basis, day care and respite care is also occasionally available.

At Clayfield, we accommodate people who are self funding and those funded via the Local Authority. Our current fees are based on £580 per week but will depend upon the care needs required. This fee covers the cost of accommodation, food, laundry, heating and lighting and personal care.

Admission Criteria

  • Prior to admission potential residents will be comprehensively assessed to establish whether the home can meet their identified range of needs.
  • Prospective new residents should be compatible with those already living in the home.
  • There will be a suitable room available for occupation.
  • In regard to disabled persons, the manager will satisfy herself that the home has the capacity and skills to meet the assessed specialist needs of the individual.
  • Each resident is provided with a statement of terms and conditions at the point of moving into the home (or contract if purchasing their care privately).
  • Prospective residents are welcome to visit the home or to move in on a trial basis, before taking up permanent residency.
  • Relatives and friends are invited to visit the home to assess its suitability and meet the staff.

Emergency Admissions

  • Emergency admissions will be accepted provided there is a suitable bed available.
  • Emergency admissions will be accepted on an initial short term basis to allow a full assessment to be undertaken.
  • Staff in the home will undertake an in-house assessment within 48 hours of admission, following which a decision will be made as to whether or not the placement is appropriate.
  • Each resident is provided with a statement of terms and conditions at the point of moving into the home (or contract if purchasing their care privately).

Social & Spiritual Activities, Hobbies & Leisure

  • The home recognises the importance of maintaining social/leisure activities and hobbies.
  • Details of activities will be displayed on the notice board and in the activities file.
  • The home is an integral part of the local community. The community is encouraged to participate in and contribute to activities in the home. Residents are encouraged to pursue their interests within the local community.
  • There are regular visits from representatives of local churches
  • A desk and computer with access to broadband internet is available, a member of staff will provide assistance if required
  • Regular trips out in an adapted minibus which can accommodate wheelchairs
  • Entertainers
  • Art and Craft therapist
  • In house games and activities
  • Chiropody
  • Hairdressing

Please note that chiropody and hairdressing are invoiced separately.
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